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Current Version: Alpha 1.2.1
Last Updated: 06/25/18

Future Plans(Last Updated: 06/30/18):
Redo Full Drop System (60% Done)
Redo Full Healing System
Redo Shop System
Work on new DeathSpawn System (60% Done)

Known Errors: (Last Updated 10/13/2016)
Music Bug (65% Done of current progress)
Sound Bug (55% Done of current progress)
Ammo Errors
Mosin Nagant Glitched
Completed Quests don't count under Statistics

Update 03/21/18 - 06/25/18
Update Alpha 1.2.1
-Removed Multiplayer (Due to glitches)
-Added Hell Armor Set
--Battle Axe
-Added Blue Camo Uzi
-Added Silver Uzi / Silver Bullets (3x Stronger)
-Updated Prices on many items
-Lowered EXP Required Per Level
-Updated Drops on Wave 5

Update 01/04/17
Update Alpha 1.1
-Added New KillCount Drop System For Wave's 6 and 7.
-Game Now Lets Players Know When They Reach The KillCount.

Update 10/20/16 - 10/23/16
Update Alpha 1.0.9
-Spawn System Update (100% Done)
-Minor Bug Improvements
-DeathReSpawn System Update
-Updated Wave's 16 - 20
Update 10/16/16 - 10/17/16
Update Alpha 1.0.8
-Fixed Helmet Glitch
-Added Armor Slots for Finger and Legs
-Updated Wave 9 bug/ Drop rate
-Fixed Exit bug
-Redo Spawn System, (10% Done) Once player recieves key, NPC's will stop spawning

Update 10/13/16 - 10/14/16
Update Alpha 1.0.7
-HUD Updates
-Loading Screen Updated
-Menu Updates
-Few Bug Improvements
Update 10/08/16
Update Alpha 1.0.6
-Added Main Menu
-Fixed Text Log Bug

Update 10/07/16
Update Alpha 1.0.5
-Internal Improvements
-Updated the level message system
Update 10/02/16
Update Alpha 1.0.4
-Bug fixes
-Updated Weapon Stats (All Weapons)
-Added Item Tar 21
-Added Item MiniGun

Update 10/01/16
Update Alpha 1.0.3
-Fixed Wave's 11-14 Drops
-Updated Wave 11 Npc Stats

Update 09/29/16
Update Alpha 1.0.2
-Fixed Wave 8-11 Shop Glitches
-Fixed wave 8-10 Glitches

Update 07/01/16
Update Alpha 1.0
-Bug Fixes
-Added Weapons
-- .223 Revolver
-- .44 Mag (Updated)
-- M1911 (Updated)
-- Semi Auto 12 Gauge Extended Mag

Update 04/08/16
Updated Pre-Alpha 1.8.0
-Updated Waves 4-12 Drop Rates
-Updated Many NPC attack/health
-Internal Improvements (Runs faster)

Update 02/19/16
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7.9
-Updated Wave 2 Drop Rates
-Updated Wave 3 Drop Rates
-Added Items:
-Added 20 Gauge Pump
-Devil's Axe
-Spiked Baseball Bat
-Changed Classes into Start Kit
-Updated Use Time on Multiple Guns
-Lowered Wave 5 Boss's Health

Update 11/14/15
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7.8
-Updated Wave 1 Drop Rates
-Updated Ammo
-Internal Fixes

Update 5/27/15
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7.7
-Added 2nd Accessory slot
-Internal Fixes

Update 5/17/15
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7.6
-Fixed Start Up Glitch

Update 5/15/15
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7.5
-Fixed Wave 4 Glitch
-Added New Death Spawn System
-Changed Charactor Model

Update 12/24/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7.4
-Bug Fixes
-Fixed Wave 8 Glitch

Update 12/19/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7.3
-Fixed Wave 17 Glitch

Update 12/18/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7.2
-Changed Max level to 50 (Exp 250,001)
-Internal Improvements -Weakened BaseBall Bat

Update 10/24/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7.1
-Fixed Wave 3 (Key not dropping)
-Added BaseBall Bat

Update 10/11/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.7
-Fixed Wave 4 glitch
-Added Item Crusader Armor (Rare)

Update 9/2/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.6
-Added Wave 17
-Added Wave 18
-Fixed Wave 15 Shop
-Added Item PP19 Bizon

Update 8/11/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.5.5
-Added Wave 16
-Added Item Blessed Amulet (Rarest Item in game as of 8/11/14)

Update 8/9/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.5.2
-Added Respawn Options
-Added Item Rock Necklace

Update 8/6/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.5.1
-Fixed Wave 10 Teleport Glitch to Wave 11.
-Lowered Dark Necromancer's Health
-Fixed Some Shop Errors
-Added Music to Waves
-Added Item Battle Axe
-Added Item Galil ARM
-Added Item Rare Crossbow
-Added Item Colt Canada C7 (Upgrade 1)
-Added Item Colt Canada C7 (Upgrade 3)

Update 8/5/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.5
-Added Wave 11
-Added Wave 12
-Added Wave 13
-Added Wave 14
-Added Wave 15

Update 7/28/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.4.6
-Resolution change
-Wave 5 -10 Shop/Drops
-Fixed Wave 5 Teleport Glitch
-Fixed Wave 9 Teleport Glitch
-Fixed Wave 10 Teleport Glitch
-Fixed 44 Mag. Ammo
-Fixed Start Shop Error
-Changed Class name from "Gunmen" to "Marksmen"
-Added Name Change. You can now Choose your Hero's name!
-Added Item ChainMail Armor
-Added Item Breastplate Armor

Update 7/25/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.4.5
-Added Item Leather Armor
-Added Item American WWII Helmet
-Added Item M40A2
-Internal Improvements
-Wave 2 - 4 Shop/Drops
-Wave 5 Drops
Update 7/24/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.4.4
-Fixed Glitch Wave 5

Update 7/23/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.4.3
-Added Item Sword
-Added Item H&R 1871 Pardner Pump 12 Gauge
-Internal Improvment Work
-Fixed Uzi Color glitch
-Fixed Some Shops
-Statistics Updated
---Amount Of Time Played
---Points Earned
---Character Name
---Number of Pixels Walked
---Experience Till Level

Update 7/22/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.4.2
-Added Home Teleport. ("T")
-Added Item 44 Mag.
-Added statistics button ("I")
--Added Amount of Quests Completed
--Added Total Number of Monsters Killed
--Added Death Count
-Added Item AK-74u

Update 7/21/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.4
-Internal rework, Weapon Damage Rework
-Added Item - Uzi
-Added Item - M1911
-Resolution Size to 1920 X 1080

Update 7/18/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.3.2
-Added Item - Colt Canada C7
-Fixed Quest 8&9 Bug
-Fixed 9&10 door glitches

Update 7/17/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.3.1
-Added Item - Ak-74
-Mosin Nagant Glitched (1 of the few glitches)

Update 7/16/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.3:
-Added Level bar/Exp bars at the bottom
-Added Item - Mosin Nagant
-Changed loading screen
-Added Pause button. (Click "P")
-Added Heal button (Click "H" *Note: Must have Medic Kits)

Update 7/15/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 1.2:
-Added Music background Music from Wave 1 through 5
-Added Sounds to Assault Rifles

Update 7/10/2014 - 7/11/2014
-Fixed Wave 1 - 2 Drops
-Fixed Wave 2 Overpower (Slowed Enemy down)
-Fixed Prices
-Fixed Damage Balance
-Adding Check Sheet/Game Progress
-Pre-Alpha Key no longer needed!

Update 7/8/2014-7/9/2014
-Fixed Drops
-Fixed Shops
-Fixed Wave 4
-Fixed Few Doors
-Game Status Changed to Pre-Alpha 1.0 (Public Release)

Update 6/27/2014
-Added Rare Item
-Added Items
-Fixed Items
-Fixed Quest Bug

Update 6/22/2014
-Added Wave 9 & 10
-Fixed Weapons

Update 6/18/2014
-Added Wave 7 & 8

Update 6/16/2014
-Added Wave 6 Room
-Fixed Weapons
-Fixed Shops
-Added first 2 Rares!

Update 6/15/2014
-Fixed Weapons
-Added Wave 6
-Fixed Wave 5 Boss

Update 6/10/2014:
-Added Respawn
-Better Drop Rates
-Fixing Quests

Last UpDate: 3/3/2014
Added Level 5
added Level 5 Boss

Not every Update has a log, But we are trying to release an Update log with each Update.