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Devils Affliction

Update 09/15/15
Update 2.5.12
-Fixed Glitches in New Quest
-Added Sea Gate Cave
-Added Sea Gate Cave Boss

Update 09/14/15
Update 2.5.11
-Added Multiple new Characters
-Added New Quest
-Added Sea Gate Island

Update 08/17/15 - 08/29/15
-Dedicated 2 Weeks for Internal Organizing

Update 08/14/15
Update 2.5.10
-Fixed Dialogue glitch on Dungeon 1

Update 08/09/15
Update 2.5.8
-Fixed Lotto Glitch (Still in progess)
-Fixed Medic Kit Glitch
-Fixed Glitch In Quest 5
-Added Items
--Goblin Armor
--Goblin Helmet
--Goblin Amulet
--Goblin Short Sword
--Goblin Long Sword
--Goblin Battle Axe
--Chainmail Helmet
-Updated BlackSmith Armor Stats
-Updated Templars Boots/Templars Helmet

Update 06/10/15 - 06/11/15
Update 2.5.7
-Fixed Dungeon 1 Message
-Fixed Hell minion kill count
-Updated NorthernLands
-Updated Shops
--Gear Shop
--Added Warrior
-Added New Templars Quest
-Added New Boss

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Update 01/04/17
Update Alpha 1.1
-Added New KillCount Drop System For Wave's 6 and 7.
-Game Now Lets Players Know When They Reach The KillCount.

Update 10/20/16 - 10/23/16
Update Alpha 1.0.9
-Spawn System Update (100% Done)
-Minor Bug Improvements
-DeathReSpawn System Update
-Updated Wave's 16 - 20

Update 10/16/16 - 10/17/16
Update Alpha 1.0.8
-Fixed Helmet Glitch
-Added Armor Slots for Finger and Legs
-Updated Wave 9 bug/ Drop rate
-Fixed Exit bug
-Redo Spawn System, (10% Done) Once player recieves key, NPC's will stop spawning

Update 10/13/16
Update Alpha 1.0.7
-HUD Updates
-Loading Screen Updated
-Few Bug Improvements

Update 10/08/16
Update Alpha 1.0.6
-Added Main Menu
-Fixed Text Log Bug

Update 10/07/16
Update Alpha 1.0.5
-Internal Improvements
-Updated the level message system

Update 10/02/16
Update Alpha 1.0.4
-Bug fixes
-Updated Weapon Stats (All Weapons)
-Added Item Tar 21
-Added Item MiniGun

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