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Devils Affliction

Game Update: v2.5.12 (Project Currently On Hold.)

Working on Farmer Dialogues and Shop
Upgrading Farming System
Working on Templars Camp

Future Planned Updates: (Last Updated 5/19/15)
-Redo Healing System
-Expand/Fix Drop System
-Redo Attack System
-Redo Crafting System
-Player Owned Shops
-Skill: Fishing
-Quest Log

Known Glitches: (Last Updated 08/09/2015)
-Off-Hand Weapons not showing on Char.
-Auto Healing Glitched
-Axe is overpowered
-Freezing When Opening Dialogues (Windows 10)

Class Updates: (Last Updated 12/18/14)
-Warrior - level 10 - 20% Done
-Ranger - level 5 - 10% Done
-Wizard - level 1 - 5% Done
-Sword Dancer - Not Started
-Assassin - level 5 - 5% Done
-Thief - level 1 - 5% Done
-Barbarian - Not Started
-God - Not Started

Update 09/15/15
Update 2.5.12
-Fixed Glitches in New Quest
-Added Sea Gate Cave
-Added Sea Gate Cave Boss

Update 09/14/15
Update 2.5.11
-Added Multiple new Characters
-Added New Quest
-Added Sea Gate Island

Update 08/17/15 - 08/29/15
-Dedicated 2 Weeks for Internal Organizing

Update 08/14/15
Update 2.5.10
-Fixed Dialogue glitch on Dungeon 1

Update 08/09/15
Update 2.5.8
-Fixed Lotto Glitch (Still in progess)
-Fixed Medic Kit Glitch
-Fixed Glitch In Quest 5
-Added Items
--Goblin Armor
--Goblin Helmet
--Goblin Amulet
--Goblin Short Sword
--Goblin Long Sword
--Goblin Battle Axe
--Chainmail Helmet
-Updated BlackSmith Armor Stats
-Updated Templars Boots/Templars Helmet

Update 06/10/15 - 06/11/15
Update 2.5.7
-Fixed Dungeon 1 Message
-Fixed Hell minion kill count
-Updated NorthernLands
-Updated Shops
--Gear Shop
--Added Warrior
-Added New Templars Quest
-Added New Boss

Update 06/09/15
Update 2.5.6
-Added Fisherman Quest
-Added Warriors for Asnos Island
-Added Hammer
-Added Nails
-Added Rope

Update 06/07/15
Update 2.5.5
-Added Island (Asnos Island)
-Added MiniGame
-Added Infested Warriors
-Rare Axe Fixed

Update 06/05/15
Update 2.5.4
-Added Recruit Army Quest/Guy in Home
-Added Bonus Room on Dungeon 1

Update 05/30/15
Update 2.5.3
-Added a Common Drop Table 1
-Added Bonus Room on Dungeon 1
-Fixed Skeleton Drop Table
-Internal Bug Improvements

Update 05/19/15
Update 2.5.2
-Updated More On Northern Mountains

Update 05/16/15 - 5/17/15
Update 2.5
-Added New Quests
-Fixed Black and White Glitch (reasoning for no updates lately)
Update 2.5.1
-Added Northern Lands Map (Templars Quest portion)
-Updating to the Dock Map
-Updated Dungeon 1 Boss
-Removed Weight limit
-Started Pirate Map
-DeathSpawn System Updated

Update 01/23/15
Update v2
-Many Internal Improvements
--Bug Fixes
--Quest Fixes
--NPC Fixes
Update 01/09/15
Update 1.5.5
-Quest 9 Added
-Quest 10 Added
-Quest to Kill Cave Gaurd Glitched **FIXED**

Update 12-29-14
Update 1.5.4
-Battle Test Arena Under Construction

Update 12/22/14 - 12/23/14
Update 1.5.3
-Fixed Range Tutorial Errors
-Fixed Many Tutorial Bugs (More To Come)
-Updated Tutorial Map (More Coming Soon)
-Spelling Errors In Quest 2
-Quest 8 Complete
-Updated Skill: Harvesting
-Updated Experience
-Added Mason Order Camp (Day and Night Cycle)
-Fixed Quest Glitch (Gives you $1,000,000)
-Crafting System has been removed(Check Future Planned Updates)

Update 12/17/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.5.1
-Expanded Map/Added City
-Internal Improvements
-Bug Fixes

Update 12/11/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.5
-Added Items
--BlackSmith Armor
--BlackSmith Helmet

Update 12/9/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.4
-Added Quest 7
-Added Realm Guardian
-Added Godly Warrior

Update 12/3/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.3
-Added Quest 6
-Added Item "Battle Sets"

Update 12/2/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.2
-Added Quest 4
-Added Heavens Warriors
-Added Templar Warrior
-Added Quest 5

Update 11/19/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.1
-Added EXP Gems/EXP NPC
-Added Item Rare Axe

Update 11/13/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.0.3
-Added Templar Set (Body, Legs, Boots, Helmet, Ring, Necklace)

Update 11/12/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.0.2
-Added Skill Harvesting
-Added Item Shovel
-Added Off-Hand Short Sword

Update 11/11/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.0.1
-Added Wizard Tutorial Map
-Added Level 25 WC Trees
-Added Mason Order Warrior

Update 11/10/14
Update Pre-Alpha 1.0
-Updated Bank
-Updated Loading Screen
-Added Quest 3
-Added Arena Keys
-Added Class Wizard
-Added Item Staff
-Added Magic: Air Strike

Update 11/1/14
Update Pre-Alpha 0.9
-Added Auto Heal (Every 30 seconds adds 5 HP)
-Added Off-Hand Slot
-Added Bank
-Added Interest Rate for Bank

Update 10/27/14
Update Pre-Alpha 0.8
-Fixed Quests
-Cannot kill most NPCs now
-Added Item PickAxe
-Added Pickaxe to Starter
-Added $1000 to starter

Update 10/26/14
Update Pre-Alpha 0.7
-Fixed Tree Errors
-Added Assassin Tutorial
-Fixed Throwing Knife Animations
-Fixed Thief Quest Errors
-Added Item Iron Throwing Knives (Level 10)

Update 10/25/14
Update Pre-Alpha 0.6
-Added Skills
--Wood Cut
-Added Skill Table (Press "C")
-Added Class Assassin

Update 10/24/14
Update Pre-Alpha 0.5
-Added Items
--Templar Armor
--Templar Helmet
--Common Long Bow
--Leather Armor
-Fixed Warrior and Ranger Quests

Update 10/15/14
Update Pre-Alpha 0.4
-Added Items
--Sling Shot
--Metal Balls
-Thief Class
-Thief Tutorial

Update 10/13/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 0.3.1
-Added 13th Century Helmet
-Added Level Requirements
-Added Training for Ranger/Warrior
-Added Warrior/Ranger Statistics
-Added Random Spawn Chests

Update 10/7/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 0.3
-Added Warrior Class (5% Done)
-Added Warrior Training
-Added Hidden Weapons Spawns
-Added ALL new drop System
-Added new level up system
-Added Variables

Update 8/7/2014
Update Pre-Alpha 0.2
-Added Short Sword
-Added Long Sword
-Changed Texture of Sharpen Short Sword

Update 7/9/2014
-Crafting Update
-Added Sharpen Short Sword

Not every Update has a log, But we are trying to release an Update log with each Update.