Update – 08/18/21

This update was unplanned but much needed. This update brings a lot of improvements to a few guns, Mosin Nagant, 20 Gauge Pump, AKS-74, Tommy Gun, .223 Revolver, M40A2, SKS, AK-74u, etc. This update also fixed the annoying glitch when quitting the game, It asks if you want to quit twice (Second time actually unpaused the game), As well as the Assault Rifle class being select-able and then glitching the player into the game, Allowing you to run around the menu. (Fun..:D) Lastly, We brought a few small updates to drop tables on Wave 7, 8 & 9. See update log for more information.
Thank you so much for the support and please keep the feedback coming.
Thank You,