Update – 04/10/22

This update brings a few changes to various weapons, Including the Baseball Bat, Tommy Gun, Valmet M82, FAMAS, & The C7 (See update log below for more information on the changes). We have created and implemented a new Healing System. Each kill gives you a slight chance at healing. So far the new Healing system is only implemented in part 1 (Waves 1 through 15). We have also added Assault Rifle as a selectable class. We have also fixed the issue where the Money was following the cursor in the Main Menu. Last but not least, the engine running BattleWave has been updated and includes major FPS Improvements.
Thank You all for the support, We are excited to announce Part 3 is under development! This will feature 10 new Waves, 2 New Boss Waves, 10 new Weapons only available once you reach Part 3, The release of Part 3 is set for July 1st. With the release of Part 3, We are expecting to release the new shop system.