BattleWave Update 09/19/23

Hello everyone! BattleWave v23.09.19 has been released! In this update, as well as in the next couple of updates, we are primarily focusing on weapon and shop price balancing. Today, we worked on Shotguns. As you may have noticed, we currently only have three shotguns in the game: 20 Gauge, 12 Gauge, and Semi Auto 12 Gauge. We are working on two more shotguns to be released by the end of October.

In this game update, we’ve addressed several issues and made significant balance adjustments. Notable changes include fixing the issue where muting or unmuting sound would unintentionally unpause the game with the menu still open. We’ve also enhanced gameplay by increasing the shot count and damage of the 12 Gauge Pump, making helmets and medic kits more valuable, and boosting sprint speed for added mobility. Additionally, we’ve fine-tuned Wave 10 by adjusting enemy health, damage, key chance, and speed to create a more challenging and dynamic gaming experience.

v23.09.19 Log

  • Fixed Issue where Muting or Unmuting sound would unpause game with menu still opened.
  • Raised 12 Gauge Pump Shot count to 3 (From 1)
  • Raised 12 Gauge Pump Damage to 36 (From 31)
  • Raised Ancient Helmet price to 3200 (From 2600)
  • Raised Modern Military Helmet price to 9250 (From 6500)
  • Raised Medic Kit to 17 (From 15)
  • Raised Sprint Speed to 30 (From 25)
  • Decreased Wave 10 Enemy health to 550 (From 800)
  • Raised Wave 10 Enemy Damage to 2900 (From 29)
  • Raised Wave 10 Key chance to 82 (From 50)
  • Raised Wave 10 Enemy speed to 9 (From 6)
  • Wave 10 Enemy momentum speed to .5 (From 0)