BattleWave Update – 09/24/23

BattleWave will be receiving substantial updates in the coming months. We plan to release updates every Sunday for the next month, followed by a transition to a monthly update schedule. These updates will primarily focus on game balance and the implementation of more/better sound effects and in-game music. Each update will introduce at least one additional item to enhance the gameplay, including the long-awaited leg armor and rings for increased protection. World 2 is currently in development and will feature significantly larger maps and gameplay enhancements.

BattleWave Update Summary (Version 23.09.24)

In this latest BattleWave update, we’ve addressed several issues and made gameplay improvements:

  • Fixed a money display glitch that occurred when in full-screen mode on the main menu.
  • Implemented slight adjustments to grenades, with more improvements planned for the future.
  • Added immersive sound effects to grenades.
  • Resolved the issue with Wave 20 Key drops.
  • Fixed Quest dialogue and the crash that occurred when attempting to retrieve the Kingdom Key.
  • Addressed the unresponsive FAMAS gun issue, ensuring it now fires correctly.
  • Lowered the fire rate and fire distance of the Valmet rifle for improved balance.
  • Slightly raised the fire rate and fire distance of the Tommy Gun.
  • Adjusted armor prices to enhance gameplay balance.
  • Made slight reductions to the drop rates in Wave 11.
  • Fixed the walk zone issue in Wave 13.
  • Slightly reduced the player character’s run speed.
  • Corrected a glitch that allowed players to keep the Wave 15 upgrade 3 C7.
  • Lowered the stats and fire rate of the C7 Upgrade 3 for better gameplay balance.
  • Added Leather Leg Armor

Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback. These changes are aimed at providing you with an even better BattleWave experience. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the future!