BattleWave Update 10/15/23

Releasing 23.10.15 early, In this update, we have primarily focused on weapon balancing and addressing various issues. Notably, we fixed a main menu load glitch that previously allowed players to exploit the menu by spawning into it and running around, although it was admittedly a cool glitch, it didn’t meet our quality standards. Additionally, in response to feedback and issues reported on higher-end computers, we have changed the default display mode from full screen to windowed.

Furthermore, we have made adjustments to the game’s difficulty. Players will notice that the game becomes progressively more challenging as we work on enhancing the AI’s capabilities. Starting from Wave 8 and continuing through to Wave 15, we have updated the AI and improved their visual elements.

As part of our commitment to delivering new content with each update, we are excited to introduce two higher-end items in this release: the Rock Ring and Hell Armor Legs.

Looking ahead, while updates will continue to be released on schedule, we anticipate that they may not be as substantial each week, as we are now in the planning phase for the release and update of the crusades. In the upcoming updates, you can expect a continued focus on weapon balancing. Next week, we will concentrate on handguns and further improvements to melee weapons, including the adding sounds to melee weapons and the exploration of a Magic class.

Full Update Log:

  • Added Rock Ring
  • Added Hell Legs
  • Changed from full screen to windowed by default
  • Fixed Main Menu load glitch
  • Updated Main Menu (Layout and Code)
  • Updated Mosin Nagant
    • Changed Empty Sound
    • Changed  Reload Sound
    • Changed Fire Sound
  • Updated SKS
    • Changed Reload Sound
    • Changed Fire Sound
  • Updated AKS-74
    • Changed Fire Sound
    • Changed Reload Sound
  • Updated MiniGun
    • Increased Reload Time
    • Added Fire Sound
    • Updated Graphics
  • Updated Rocket Launcher
    • Slowed Reload Time
    • Slowed Fire Rate
    • Changed Reload Sound
    • Added Fire Sound
  • Updated C7 (Including upgrade 1 & 3)
    • Slowed Reload Time
    • Updated Shoot Sound
    • Updated Reload Sound
  • Fixed Issues with the Valmet M82, Grenade, Minigun, Crossbow, & Rocket Launcher
  • Updated AI view from Wave 8 to 15 (This makes the game harder)
  • Updated Med Kit
    • Fixed Issue not healing 17
    • Added Healing Sound