Explore Exciting Upgrades: v23.11.17 Update Unleashes Visual Enhancements and Black Armor Set!

The v23.11.17 BattleWave update is finally out, aiming to bring added visual variety, new equipment options, and an improved overall atmosphere to enhance the player experience. We will continue to work on the visuals and environments around the arenas.

Be the first to get your hands on the new Black Armor Set!

  • Update Log:
    • Added Environment Backgrounds to Waves 1 – 5.
    • Added Black Armor Set: Equip yourself with a sleek and formidable Black Armor Set, including the Black Helmet, Black Chainmail, and Black Armor Legs.
    • Updated Sky Color: Experience a refreshed atmosphere with changes to the sky color, enhancing the overall visual aesthetic of the game.