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  • Servers are live!

    Servers are live!

    The Crusade servers are live! Please note that the servers may be unstable and go on and offline at random times while we work on issues. Pre-Alpha v1.0.1 is live! Pre-Alpha test is just a network test, this includes very limited content and just includes a preview of the tutorial. Feel free to continue the…

  • Download The Crusades Now!

    Download The Crusades Now!

    Unleash your godly power and face the darkness in this action-packed RPG. Traverse infested dungeons, navigate an open world, and encounter a diverse cast of characters with their own motives. Choose your path wisely, aligning with Templars or The Heavens as you strive to control the Under World. Conquer epic boss battles, craft powerful weapons,…

  • Planned Maintenance – 8/12/23

    Hey there, Saturday, 8/12/23. We’re rolling up our sleeves and diving into some planned maintenance to make sure our servers are in tip-top shape for the upcoming Crusades server launch! The website may experience issues throughout the day Saturday. Thanks for your understanding and get ready for some amazing adventures ahead! 🎮🏰

  • Website Update – 7/16/23

    Website is now back online and fully operational! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the major server lag issues experienced during the last update. Our dedicated team has worked diligently to revamp the website, ensuring it runs flawlessly and provides a smooth user experience. With the issues resolved. Thank you for your patience, and…