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The Crusades

The Crusades is a fantasy MMORPG by FareGaming, Currently in Early Development.

Customize your character, Complete quest, Fight NPC or take on another player in PVP combat.
Explore a giant open world, with multiple Cities, Kingdoms and Worlds.

With 100s of creatures to kill, bosses to fight and rares to be found, The Crusades will take you on an adventure through time. Explore the dungeons of a Sadistic Wizard named Grakul, Where his "Creatures" roam.
Explore the islands in the north covered in snow or the tropical islands in the south, All with its own Towns, Bosses and Creatures.

The Crusades is an Open Wolrd MMO Coming 2019, Beta Testing Coming Late 2018!

The Crusades Map


Battle Wave is a 2D Action Game!
In Battle Wave there are 20 waves of non-stop action!
In order to get past a wave you will need to get the required amount of kills or get a key drop to unlock the next door.
This game features, many kinds of weapons. such as, The Ak47, minigun, uzi and much more! There is also armor and helmets for protection!
There are random (hidden or in plain sight) doors around the game with free EXP, Money, Armor, and Weapons!
Battle Wave is a work in progress and may not be fully ready yet! Want to get in the action as soon as possible? Buy Pre-Alpha!
**NOTE** The video is from Pre-Alpha 0.2 release. Updated video releasing soon!

Current Update: Alpha 1.2.1

Devil's Affliction

Claim your righteous spot among the gods and extinguish the underworld.
Fight your way through infested dungeons, and explore the open world encountering all different kinds of people, but be careful of who you trust, some are out for their own gain, to end your journey, while others wish to aid your quest.
Join up with Templars, or The Heavens in taking control of the Under World. Fight Epic Boss Battles including an Invisible Beast from hell and The Devil himself!
Use Crafting to Craft Items/ Weapons/ Ammo,
Use BlackSmith Skill to Create Armor Or Upgrade Armor.
Pick from 8 Classes. (To be shared at a later date)
Learn to Harvest Crops in order to create Potions for Healing and Boosts.
Using the bank will keep your money safe but Also add interest!
The farther you get into the story the more open the game becomes, Use the Dock System to travel fast throughout the world. But watch out for Boat Crashes!
Boat Crashes are SUPER rare, But for a good reason.. Crashing the boat will put you on a Mysterious rare Island. On the island lives a Rare Boss and Killing him could land you special rare armor, you can only obtain from defeating him.
****VIDEO*** The Video uploaded is an UNCUT video. Showing you YES! There are some glitches, But we are fixing them! Music and Sounds are lacking, We are in the process of adding a Sound/Music person to the Team.
Some Known glitches: - Our Plan To Fix
Auto Healing Glitch - Redo Healing System (More Advance Way)
Drop System Glitch (Too many items) - Redo Drop System (In Progress 45% Done)
This game is at an early stage (pre-alpha) and has a lot more to be added.
Check Out Updates Page for more info! Updates

Current Update: 2.5.12
Release Date: TBA