Embark on an epic quest in this action-packed RPG, where you’ll rise to godlike status and challenge the darkness that lurks in the underworld. Explore treacherous dungeons and a vast open world, encountering a diverse array of characters, some with hidden agendas that could aid or obstruct your journey. Align yourself with the Templars or The Heavens as you battle for control over the Under World. Prepare for thrilling boss battles, including an elusive Invisible Beast from hell and the ultimate showdown against The Devil himself!

Crafting is a vital skill in your arsenal, allowing you to create powerful items, weapons, and ammunition, while the BlackSmith skill enables you to forge and upgrade armor for enhanced protection. Choose from 8 distinct classes, each with unique abilities and traits (to be revealed later). To survive the challenges ahead, master the art of crop harvesting to craft potent healing potions and boosts.

As you progress through the gripping storyline, the game’s world opens up, providing you with fast travel options through the Dock System. Beware, though, as rare Boat Crashes could lead you to a mysterious island inhabited by a formidable boss. Defeat this creature to acquire special, rare armor exclusive to this battle.

Please note that the video showcases an uncut version of the game, revealing some glitches that are actively being addressed by the development team. Expect improvements and enhancements in the healing system, drop system, and overall gameplay experience. Music and sounds are also undergoing enhancement with the addition of a dedicated Sound/Music person to the development team.

At its current pre-alpha stage, the game is just beginning to unveil its potential. Keep an eye on the Updates Page for the latest developments and additions to this ambitious RPG adventure. Prepare yourself for a thrilling and ever-evolving journey to claim your divine place among the gods and vanquish the underworld!