Welcome to Battle Wave, a thrilling 2D Action Game that guarantees an adrenaline-pumping experience! Prepare yourself for 20 waves of relentless action that will put your combat skills to the ultimate test.

Each wave presents a unique challenge that can only be overcome by achieving the required number of kills or obtaining a coveted key drop to unlock the next door and progress further.

In the vast arsenal of Battle Wave, you’ll find an impressive array of weapons at your disposal, including iconic firearms like the Ak47, the powerful minigun, the versatile uzi, and many more. But it doesn’t end there – armors and helmets are available to provide essential protection and enhance your survivability.

Immerse yourself in the diverse gameplay that features not only firearms but also swords and explosives, ensuring you never run out of exciting ways to take on your enemies.

While Battle Wave is continually being refined and expanded, providing a dynamic and evolving gaming experience, we invite you to join the action right away by downloading the game today!

Please be aware that the video provided is from the Alpha 1.0 release, and since then, numerous improvements and additions have been made to create an even more polished and engaging gameplay. Your feedback and support are essential as we strive to make Battle Wave the ultimate action-packed gaming adventure. Get ready to embrace the challenge and embark on an incredible journey of combat and excitement!