• BattleWave – v24.7.1

    BattleWave – v24.7.1

  • BattleWave – v24.6.1

    BattleWave – v24.6.1

  • BattleWave – v24.4.1

    BattleWave – v24.4.1

  • BattleWave – v24.3.3

    BattleWave – v24.3.3

  • BattleWave – v24.3.2

    BattleWave – v24.3.2

  • BattleWave – v24.3.1

    BattleWave – v24.3.1

    Today’s update is focused heavily on increasing the gameplay experience and make the game a bit more challenging. The Healing System v2 is out with minor changes expected in future updates. v1 would have a chance to heal you for a random amount when attacking, but with v2 this chance is at a time interval.…

  • Planned Maintenance – 2/29/24

    Planned Maintenance – 2/29/24

    We are performing maintenance on our servers and will experience downtime through the weekend starting 02/29/2024. Due to this, We will be postponing The Crusades Pre-Alpha v1.0.6 testing until the following weekend.

  • BattleWave – v24.2.1

    BattleWave – v24.2.1

    Update 02/22/24 (v23.2.1)

  • Servers are live!

    Servers are live!

    The Crusade servers are live! Please note that the servers may be unstable and go on and offline at random times while we work on issues. Pre-Alpha v1.0.1 is live! Pre-Alpha test is just a network test, this includes very limited content and just includes a preview of the tutorial. Feel free to continue the…

  • Download The Crusades Now!

    Download The Crusades Now!

    Unleash your godly power and face the darkness in this action-packed RPG. Traverse infested dungeons, navigate an open world, and encounter a diverse cast of characters with their own motives. Choose your path wisely, aligning with Templars or The Heavens as you strive to control the Under World. Conquer epic boss battles, craft powerful weapons,…

  • Game Dev Helper: Your Ultimate Companion in Game Development

    Game Dev Helper: Your Ultimate Companion in Game Development

    Entering the world of game development can be as daunting as it is thrilling. With a myriad of tools, programming languages, and design principles to grasp, newcomers might find the journey overwhelming. This is where Game Dev Helper steps in—a specialized version of ChatGPT, tailored to assist both budding and seasoned game developers in bringing…

  • Planned Website Downtime

    Website will be on and offline through 12/01/23 & 12/02/23 for some planned updates surrounding security and taking this time to update the website theme a bit.

  • Explore Exciting Upgrades: v23.11.17 Update Unleashes Visual Enhancements and Black Armor Set!

    The v23.11.17 BattleWave update is finally out, aiming to bring added visual variety, new equipment options, and an improved overall atmosphere to enhance the player experience. We will continue to work on the visuals and environments around the arenas. Be the first to get your hands on the new Black Armor Set!

  • BattleWave Update 10/15/23

    Releasing 23.10.15 early, In this update, we have primarily focused on weapon balancing and addressing various issues. Notably, we fixed a main menu load glitch that previously allowed players to exploit the menu by spawning into it and running around, although it was admittedly a cool glitch, it didn’t meet our quality standards. Additionally, in…

  • BattleWave Update 10/08/23

    These updates aim to enhance gameplay, provide a more balanced melee combat experience, and improve the overall quality of BattleWave. Players can now enjoy new items, smoother gameplay, and more engaging visuals and audio. Full Update Log:

  • BattleWave Update 10/01/23

    To fulfill our promise, this update may not be as extensive, but it does introduce a new feature: the Ring slot. This addition enhances the player’s defensive capabilities. In the upcoming update next week, we will be introducing additional content related to World 2, aiming to create a more immersive open-world experience.

  • BattleWave Update – 09/24/23

    BattleWave will be receiving substantial updates in the coming months. We plan to release updates every Sunday for the next month, followed by a transition to a monthly update schedule. These updates will primarily focus on game balance and the implementation of more/better sound effects and in-game music. Each update will introduce at least one…

  • BattleWave Update 09/19/23

    Hello everyone! BattleWave v23.09.19 has been released! In this update, as well as in the next couple of updates, we are primarily focusing on weapon and shop price balancing. Today, we worked on Shotguns. As you may have noticed, we currently only have three shotguns in the game: 20 Gauge, 12 Gauge, and Semi Auto…

  • Website Update 9/4/23

    I have updated the website to add software projects I am working on. This is temporary while I work on setting up the new website. I have 2 programs that are currently in development for businesses that are in need for a free solution to Gage Tracking software and Inventory Tracking software. As of right…

  • Planned Maintenance – 8/12/23

    Hey there, Saturday, 8/12/23. We’re rolling up our sleeves and diving into some planned maintenance to make sure our servers are in tip-top shape for the upcoming Crusades server launch! The website may experience issues throughout the day Saturday. Thanks for your understanding and get ready for some amazing adventures ahead! 🎮🏰

  • Website Update – 7/16/23

    Website is now back online and fully operational! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the major server lag issues experienced during the last update. Our dedicated team has worked diligently to revamp the website, ensuring it runs flawlessly and provides a smooth user experience. With the issues resolved. Thank you for your patience, and…

  • Update – 04/15/22

    Woah! Another update? Yup! We are going to be releasing weekly updates for the foreseeable future. In todays update we have added 2 new guns (R91 Assault Rifle and the requested Desert Eagle!). We have released the new shop system! It is much more organized and easier to find what you’re looking for. Armor Icons…

  • Update – 04/10/22

    This update brings a few changes to various weapons, Including the Baseball Bat, Tommy Gun, Valmet M82, FAMAS, & The C7 (See update log below for more information on the changes). We have created and implemented a new Healing System. Each kill gives you a slight chance at healing. So far the new Healing system…

  • Update – 08/18/21

    This update was unplanned but much needed. This update brings a lot of improvements to a few guns, Mosin Nagant, 20 Gauge Pump, AKS-74, Tommy Gun, .223 Revolver, M40A2, SKS, AK-74u, etc. This update also fixed the annoying glitch when quitting the game, It asks if you want to quit twice (Second time actually unpaused…

  • Update – 08/15/21

    This update is small, But brings a few fixes to the game, Prior version would sometimes crash the game if you select a class that wasn’t SMG. This has been fixed. We have updated the medkit model, Starting our quest to polish up the game graphics a bit more. (resizes, new models, etc). and lastly…

  • Update – 09/01/20

    This update brings 2 new Items along with some updated models. Download the latest update to check out the new models for the 20 Gauge Pump Shot Gun and the Spiked Baseball Bat. We have also added in a beautiful Modern style Military helmet and Rocket Launcher Ammo. Along with the model changes and new…

  • Update – 07/19/20

    Version v20.7.19 has been released! This update brings fixes to the drop tables, and Key fixes that were broken due to the previous update. Check out the Update page here for more information about v20.7.19. Pleasse continuing emailing me at [email protected] for any feedback.Thank You,Alex

  • Apology – 07/12/2020

    Thank you to everyone who has downloaded BattleWave and for the continued suport. On behalf of all at FareGaming, I would like to issue this apology for releasing untested updates recently while we work on the Mobile update. Updates are being worked on now to fix the drop table that was broken due to the…