The Crusades

Unleash your godly power and face the darkness in this action-packed RPG. Traverse infested dungeons, navigate an open world, and encounter a diverse cast of characters with their own motives. Choose your path wisely, aligning with Templars or The Heavens as you strive to control the Under World. Conquer epic boss battles, craft powerful weapons, armor, and ammo, and master crop harvesting to brew healing potions. The game is in its early stages, with regular updates and fixes underway to provide an immersive and glitch-free experience. Embrace the journey, rise above mortals, and immerse yourself in an ever-expanding adventure.


Battle Wave is a fast-paced 2D Action Game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Engage in 20 waves of non-stop action, where you must rack up kills or secure key drops to unlock the next door and progress further. With an impressive arsenal of weapons at your disposal, including the Ak47, minigun, uzi, and more, you’ll experience an adrenaline-fueled combat like never before. Protect yourself with armor and helmets while wielding guns, swords, and explosives to take down your foes. Don’t miss the chance to explore hidden doors scattered throughout the game, offering valuable rewards like experience points, money, and powerful weapons. Battle Wave is a thrilling work in progress, and you can join the action by downloading it today! Please note that the video available is from Alpha 1.0 release, and the game has undergone significant improvements since then, promising an even more exciting and polished gaming experience. Embrace the challenge and conquer the waves in this action-packed adventure!