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Battle Wave is a 2D Action Game!
In Battle Wave there are 20 waves of non-stop action!
In order to get past a wave you will need to get the required amount of kills or get a key drop to unlock the next door.
This game features, many kinds of weapons. such as, The Ak47, minigun, uzi and much more! There is also armor and helmets for protection!
There are random (hidden or in plain sight) doors around the game with free EXP, Money, Armor, and Weapons!
Battle Wave is a work in progress and may not be fully ready yet! Want to get in the action as soon as possible? Download Today!
**NOTE** The video is from Alpha 1.0 release.

Mobile & IOS Support being tested now!
Current Update: v22.04.23

The Crusades

The Crusades is a fantasy MMORPG by FareGaming, Currently in Early Development.

Customize your character, Complete quest, Fight NPC or take on another player in PVP combat.
Explore a giant open world, with multiple Cities, Kingdoms and Worlds.

With 100s of creatures to kill, bosses to fight and rares to be found, The Crusades will take you on an adventure through time. Explore the dungeons of a Sadistic Wizard named Grakul, Where his "Creatures" roam.
Explore the islands in the north covered in snow or the tropical islands in the south, All with its own Towns, Bosses and Creatures.

The Crusades is an Open World MMO Coming Soon!

The Crusades Map